About Buffalo Junk Removal

We are a loose collaborative of pastors, ministers, and educators involved in Christian education and Sunday School. We do not have formal membership, and most of our business is conducted at our tri-ennial conferences. The organization exists to connect participants for fellowship, curriculum-sharing, friendship, and more.

The ECCE is divided into the following five regions (mostly for the sake of making communication easier): United Kingdom and Ireland; Northern Europe; the Latin Countries; Middle Europe and Eastern Europe. While the main language of the Assembly, our governing body, is English, the Assembly also makes every effort to translate texts into French and German as well.

You can download our governing statutes at http://www.mmiweb.org.uk/ecce/downloads/statutes.doc

By the way, we’ve done a bit of junk removal around here. It’s made our space more comfortable for gatherings. We like having a place to prepare meals for groups and to clean up easily afterward.