Carpet Cleaning Projects and Practice

Part of our mission focuses on improving materials and resources available for Christian educators and Sunday School teachers. We are working to develop curricula and other materials covering the following topics and more:

  • Christian Education in the modern context
  • Developing citizenship education to focus on incorporating Christian values in public life
  • Furthering inter-cultural and inter-faith education to foster love and respect for all people
  • Developing holistic education to help raise more well-rounded young people to lead our next generation
  • Teaching religions in both a religious and secular context
  • Teaching ethics and morals

We welcome contributions from educators of all backgrounds. If you have lesson materials, ideas, guidance, or other contributions, please contact us.

With all the youngsters trotting in and out of our space, we need a lot of floor cleaning. Little shoes track in a lot of dirt! A regular steam cleaning helps our carpets last longer. If you’re also in need of Buffalo carpet and rug cleaning, get in touch with Extreme Carpet and Tile Clean.