Our Conference

The ECCE holds a conference every third year in a different European member country. At these conferences, we take care of our governing business, including appointing new representatives to the Assembly. We also offer a wide range of seminars, panels, colloquiums, informal meetings, and other events for attendees to share information, build relationships, and deepen their faith life.

Here are some past conference topics:

  • Between Traditions? New Directions in Children’s Ministry
  • Christian Identity in Europe
  • Through the Eyes of a Child: Living and Learning in Faith
  • Freed to Meet Others
  • Christian Education in Pluralistic and Multifaith Europe
  • Challenges for Christian Education in a Changing Europe
  • Learning and Worshipping Together
  • Biblical Tradition Meets the Child
  • Living Peace Together
  • Children as Active Partners in the Christian Community
  • Christian Education in the World
  • The Family Church

Each of these topics has been intended focus conversation on a current, topical question that affects Christian communities.

Our conferences are valuable experiences for everybody involved. It gives our presenters a chance to share their ideas and scholarship with a new community. Conference attendees learn about new ideas and take those ideas back to their home churches. Everybody gets to build new relationships, strengthen old ones, and leave feeling more connected to the Body of Christ.

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